i only like coffee, Harry Styles, and clothes


@weworewhat: proper brunch with proper friends | @eleanorj92 @alanajburton

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Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe and Pixie Geldof during the Ashley Williams LFW SS15 show, September 14th.

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thomasadams: 24 epic hours in #vegas celebrating my man @fakeliampayne - Good times, good memories!

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do you ever look at someone cute in a band and think to yourself psssh i could get them if we ever ran into each other in real life but then you remember wait a minute i can’t even get a boyfriend in real life

so i havent/won’t be making any real money for a couple weeks cause our regulars are out of town which is REALLY going to put a dent in my whole boob job fund since I’ve been putting aside $250 a week but i mean this week i didn’t even make $250 which is depressing af so thats going to slow down my saving and also i need a new desk and a phone and i just have no fucking money grrrrrrr

Four unique photos of undocumented Russian Crown Jewels were discovered in the Geological Survey Library in America, and among them was the photo of this gorgeous tiara.

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